Music Is The Drug​-​mixtape

by Cander

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released August 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Cander Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Torn Between
one qoute from the song---

"I'm torn be-tween the 4/4 scene, the cooking, the fighting, the rapping, recording, split--down the center, the pound for pound contenders, the nouns and vowels that leave a sound dis-membered"
Track Name: Anatomy Feat. Rupert Common
Bones, Muscle,Flesh and blood/
tone,hustle, stress and love/
lyrically disect your anatomy/
here with the heart and the soul you can always get out of me/
Track Name: Friends Feat. Phase1 & Kyirim
i have the best friends in the whole fucking world....the homies,the cousins, the loving girls...
Track Name: Aint No Woman
there's no woman with soul credit that wont get it,
cole said it, your whole method needs no edit
Track Name: Feels Good Feat. The Nameless One
8 in the morning, had to make a beat/
im drunk, im high, im wasted on my feet/
the sun is at my cheek, music at my back, loving all this heat/
Track Name: Music is a Drug feat. Joose & Speeches Beyond
music is a drug, where do you get yours from?
music is a seed, the high is rooted in the beat,
music is a pulse, keep it bumpin in the monitors,
take a seat this is rythmatic chivalry, cursing through your viens with a chemical delivery/
Track Name: Unstoppable Feat. JUNK
its the greatest day of your life, you'll stand in fornt of a crowd and say what you like, steady hand with a scope and your aiming it right, anything you want from me you better take it tonight
Track Name: Primavera Feat. Attikus & Adriana Parejas
i have a bible in my dresser that ive never read, got a bottle in my cupboard with a better blend called poetic trend.
Track Name: Avenue Feat. Rupert Common
starts with a beatbox, basis of the rhythm, placed within the system, got the faces in the street locked
Track Name: 7-8 Months feat. Janette King
how did we get here? can we start over? we've only been dating for 7-8 months, you had a life with another lover, i hsutter each time you mention her.
Track Name: Good Girl Feat. Buzy B
somebody take away this feeling i feel....